welcome modern travellers.


welcome to the Hi Hotel Bari

Dynamic and connected, free and tireless, it's you. Smart traveler and innovator by vocation, hungry for style and design. Curious weekender and city breaker. It's you we've been waiting for. For you was born the Hi Hotel, the 4-star Hotel in Bari.
Welcome Home.

summer in puglia?

Summer Night.

Choose Hi Hotel for your stay in Bari and enjoy all the benefits of direct booking.

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    woodie sweet woodie

    Woodie is the home base for all your devices: USB port, wireless charging and universal socket… Oh Woodie sweet Woodie, thank goodness you're there to take care of the level of our batteries!

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    the bed of your dreams

    Our bed is perfect for: dreaming, learning to do somersaults, chat all night, having breakfast, reading, daydreaming, binge watching with our mega smart tv ... ah, you already know that we have chosen the best mattress to sleep on, right?

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    your window on Bari

    We have dedicated a wall window large enough to enjoy the view of the city. Of course, we can't guarantee that everything you see will be yours one day , but hey, we haven't even told you otherwise!

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    turn on the light

    We know that nothing lights up our room like when you are there, but we still tried to do our best. Adjust the intensity of light thanks to the touch edge, leave them soft to dream and bright to stay focused on your great plan to conquer the city.

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    make yourself comfortable

    We know that when inspiration arrives it can keep you awake at your desk even all night. So, we decided to make your enthusiasm and your creativity comfortable thanks to the immediate comfort and personalized ergonomics of the Herman Miller Mirra® seat.

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    planning time

    Large and comfortable, on our desk you can work, study or define the stages of your day discovering Bari. There are also those who argue that is the perfect desk to design your plan for word conquest. You go ahead, we will not tell anyone!

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    drink me!

    Hungry for style and design, of course, but also thirsty! For this reason, water in our minibar is always free and if you like you can also relax with a hot drink thanks to our boiler.

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    singing in the shower

    You know, the shower is a mystical place, the only one where you can reflect and try that speech that the time has come. This is why we made it so great: so you can make yourself comfortable thinking, fantasizing and solving all the problems in the world!

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    the cinema in a room

    On our 55-inch smart TV we show you things in a big way… movies and dinner in your room tonight?


so... stay to sleep?

Whether you want to sleep or surf on your creativity, choose one of our 88 rooms. Contemporary design ad all the comforts to satisfy even the most demanding of travelers. And remember: at Hi Hotel Bari breakfast and Wi-Fi are always included!

according to Nature,
according to Basilico

Basilico is our Apulian Bistrot. In tip of fork tells you the unique taste of our land through our seasons-inspired dishes. If you get lost among the proposal on its menu, don’t panic: follow the smells and the flavour of Puglia and you will discover the culture of our territory in one bite!

this must be the place

A sunbath by the pool t, a training session with a view, a tour to discover Bari on our bike, a glass of wine before returning in your room and a dinner at Basilico to discover the authentic Puglia’s taste ... whatever your relaxation formula, you will find it at Hi Hotel Bari.


here we are.

Via Don Guanella, 15/L
70124 / Bari
Puglia / Italy

+39 080 502 68 15