your space to hang out

Just 1 minute for your check-in thanks to our digital concierge. We did it to give you time to discover our Living Area: read a book, have a quick coffee before the next meeting, post your latest photo on instagram (and tag us!), work with your partner or listen to your favorite playlist: in our living room you can do everything you want. Our living room is your creative and relaxing dimension, a bright and design space from which to be inspired, to live following the rhythm of your days and, why not, your nights.

In our living area we have made space
for your projects and chosen a table
big enough to host them all.
Easily is the food & drink corner that satisfies
your every craving 24/7: whether you want
a coffee, a drink, a snack
or a quick lunch, Easily is for you.
sofa area
Whether it's for a break or to wait for
the last latecomer... well, make yourself comfortable!
Did you forget to print your most important
document? Don't worry, there is Kiosk,
your digital safe haven!


here we are.

Via Don Guanella, 15/L
70124 / Bari
Puglia / Italy

+39 080 502 68 15