we believe in sustainable cuisine, which comes from memories and respect the harvest time

We choose to offer you not only a dinner, but the passion of our local producers, the care of our kitchen staff and the surprise of discovering that your new favorite dish has the same original flavor of Puglia.

according to Nature,
according to Basilico

Basilico is our Apulian Bistrot. In tip of fork tells you the unique taste of our land through our seasons-inspired dishes. If you get lost among the proposal on its menu, don’t panic: follow the smells and the flavour of Puglia and you will discover the culture of our territory in one bite!

whether it's midnight or noon, snacking is a serious matter!

Easily is your happy place, where every peckish is satisfied. Use our tablet, choose from our food & drink proposals, upload directly to your room bill and… that’s all! Eas(il)y, right?


here we are.

Via Don Guanella, 15/L
70124 / Bari
Puglia / Italy

+39 080 502 68 15