covid-19 protocol.

Covid-19 Protocol

Catering services

Our F&B services are regularly active at the usual times. Easily, our self-bar, will always be at your disposal after using gloves and/or disinfectant gel and mask. The menu of our Basilico restaurant can be consulted through the dedicated QR code in the room and in the restaurant.

Hygiene and Good Standards

To ensure maximum hygiene and safety in every space, it is important to use disinfectant gel dispensers and/or disposable gloves at the hotel entrance, in the elevators on each floor and before accessing the dining and toilet areas. The use of the elevators is allowed to guests of only one room at a time. In self-service areas (e.g. Link Kiosk) the use of a mask is mandatory. Inside the hotel you will find the main good rules to be respected for the protection of everyone's health.

Gym & Wellness Area

Access to our Wellness Area is regularly allowed at the scheduled times upon presentation of the Super Green Pass.


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